JuliaImageRecon Examples



Image reconstruction examples in the Julia language, compiled using Literate and Documenter.

Getting started with Julia

  • Install Julia from https://julialang.org

  • Launch the Julia app should open a Julia REPL.

  • To develop code, select an editor, preferably with Julia integration, such as VSCode or vim perhaps with tmux. Appropriate editor plug-ins are needed to use LaTeX-like tab-completion of unicode characters like ÷ ⊗ ⊕ ∘ × and α β γ.

  • Peruse the reconstruction examples listed in the menu here. If your browser window is wide enough, you should see a menu to the left. If your window is narrow, you should see a hamburger menu button that will toggle open the examples menu sidebar.

  • View the excellent documentation at JuliaImages

  • Check out some Julia tutorials, especially the one titled "Just the Julia you need to get started in Data Science and ML" by Raj Rao.

Getting started with Julia image reconstruction

These examples show you Julia code and the corresponding output in an HTML format suitable for viewing in a web browser without installing any software.

You could cut and paste portions of that Julia code into the Julia REPL, but that becomes tedious. Instead, click on the "Edit on GitHub" link (in the upper right, with github icon), where you can then download the entire Julia code file that generated any of these examples.

For example, the code for the NUFFT example is at this url. After downloading such a file such as 1-nufft.jl, you can run it by typing include("1-nufft.jl") at the Julia REPL.